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Switch is the right solution to easing administrative hassles and enhancing efficiency and productivity. It is not just a school management system but a whole ERP in itself. With our easy to use GUI and robust platform, this web-based environment can turn in to an online forum!


Since 2018, we have worked with numerous schools, educational institutes and NGOs, providing them with the best services and facilities with our immense Education Management System. Switch is not just a cloud based ERP for the School, College, University or Tution center administration, but it also encompass Teacher Portal, Student Portal, Parents Portal, Portal for your Librarian and even a Portal for your Bus Service Provider – Everything interconnected!

Switch is a cloud-based ERP which supports various smart technologies as in a gateway for online payments, RFID smart cards, biometric system adaptation, mobile applications, email alerts and more. Our system is swift and can be tailored per your institutional requirements.



A learning management system can be easily described as E-school. This allows course management and creation, different portals for executives, administration and students, along with this it also functions with e-commerce. This gives us an organized system which is easy to surf through, it keeps tracks of an individuals analytics and generates reports based on that. This a step towards making learning fun and easily accessible. Not only does this system save us the time and effort of traditional learning but it allows us to track and continue where the previous class was left off.


Student Portal

Keeps track of all the listed students with their guardians; their names, GR number, active status, class, and more.

Data Analysis

Interactive data driven dashboard  which helps to understand overall activities at a glance.

Staff Management

This provides primary information about the staff members and keeps track of their active status as well as attendance. The attendance can be marked and checked, as well.

Class Management

Keeps a track of all the ongoing classes according to subject name, section, time table and extracurricular activities. This also allows the feature to join them.

Examination Management

Track and updates all the exam timings and active status accordingly and lastly exam results; which is a performance sheet from the test specifies to every student.

Fee Management

Tracks the entries, paid or unpaid fees and total fee it also allows the option to search the provided database for related queries.

Finance Management

Manage your institute finances , supplies, procurement and generate reports

Human Resource Management

Manage all your human resource by tracking leaves, salary and attendance etc  from one dashboard.

Library Management

Keep records, check readers in and out, and maintain a member database. Manage thousands of books, hundreds of memberships, and other library resources.


Upload files and create file’s category based on the subject and add the record into the list which can be tracked and updated accordingly.


Generate quick detailed a student-wise reports. These records can be searched, manipulated, export or print on demand.


This allows any complaint to be generated, categorized and directed to the specified part of the staff; along with the date.


Track of all the vendors with their contact along with other detail; this can be manipulated and updated as desired.


Fast implementation

Fast implementation

Painless data migration for most platforms.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Minimum training required; for less savvy users.



Most aspect of SWITCH are configurable to suits your needs.

Modular solution

Modular solution

Complete modular automation with SWITCH.

Reduced workload

Reduced workload

Our integrated system makes reduces time and effort by at least 25%



SWITCH is equipped with all safety measures and can detect any unusual activity.

Cloud-Based Storage

Cloud-Based Storage

Don’t worry about data storage we have got you covered!

Data Security

Data Security

Our servers are HIPAA Complaint and PCI-DSS Certified

The new generation will face new opportunities and obstacles which demand entrepreneurial practices, critical thinking and cross-cultural competency. The question overlooking our society is; how best to equip ourselves for the present and future? The solution is simple; switch to SWITCH.


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Switch belongs to which company?

Switch is owned & launched by 3techno Digital, specialized in building SaaS platforms and facilitates businesses and brands to achieve their digital milestones.

Is my data safe?

Completely safe. Our servers are HIPAA compliant and protected physically and electronically. Any connection between you and Switch is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.

Why its free?

Due to covid19 education institutes in Pakistan affected badly and we want to help all those institutes to straight all their matters and go digital for free using Switch.

Can we deploy this on our own server?

Yes, you can deploy this on your own server with the help of our technical team.


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